AYY’s benefits for associations

The Student Union offers a wide range of services and support to the associations operating within it. In order to access the services, associations must be included in AYY’s association register. The services offered differ slightly depending on whether the association is in the first or the second list. Below is a list of services offered in addition to this guide. If something cannot be found in the guide or has not been listed as a service, it is always advisable to contact the Organisation Sector.

In any concerns regarding associations and association operations, you can contact AYY’s Organisation Sector.

The Organisation Sector is there to help and support the operations of associations operating within the Student Union. The Organisation Sector has one employee of whose time around half can be used on matters related to organisations, and in most years, one Board member who might have other areas of responsibility as well. Among other things, the Organisation Sector prepares the operating grants and is in charge of association training and communications as well as the development of association operations. Generally, the Board member presents the Organisation Sector’s items to the Board and Representative Council and advances the projects assigned to the Board each year. The employee is in charge of advising associations and organising training, for example, and deals with the practical everyday matters relating to the Sector.



Renting a van or a facility for a short period
The Student Union offers the associations operating within it several different rentable facilities and a rental van. Read more here.
User group for AYY’s facility booking system
To rent a facility, associations need their own username and password for the facility booking system. The holder of these log-in details can share their user rights with new users via the administration menu in the facility booking system. If none of the current users are in possession of these log-in details, you can send an email about this to tilat(at)ayy.fi to have the rights added to the operators of the current year.
Opportunity to apply for an operating grant for associations in the first list
Associations in the first list of the Student Union’s association register can book facilities in advance in the advance booking rounds organised in late spring and late autumn, which are traditionally also known as tilakähmyt.

You will always be notified about the advance booking rounds in the association newsletter.

Opportunity to rent club or storage facilities
In its residential buildings, AYY has a number of different club and storage facilities which it rents for associations’ continual use. Read more here.


Opportunity to apply for project funding from TTE Fund
TTE Fund can grant financial aid to all AYY members and the associations and communities within it. The purpose of the Fund is to generate and maintain active interest in technological, scientific, financial, artistic and societal issues and cultural activities. Read the conditions for applying carefully and apply for project funding from the Fund’s home page.
Opportunity to apply for an operating grant for associations in the first list

The operating grants are meant for supporting associations’ ongoing operations. The grants are allocated once a year, usually around April and May, and they are applied for in March in connection with the association notice. All associations in the first list of AYY’s association register are eligible to apply for an operating grant. The grants are allocated using the scoring model of operating grants.

You will always be notified about the application rounds for operating grants in the association newsletter.

Opportunity for newly established associations in the first list to apply for a start-up grant
New associations to be included in the first list of AYY’s association register can be allocated a start-up grant with the following conditions. The start-up grant totals at 185 euros and is meant for covering the handling fee of the founding notice of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) and for starting up the association’s operations. The association must apply for inclusion in the first list of AYY’s association register within one year of the association being founded. The association must be registered, or its registration must be in progress at PRH. The grant can be applied for either in connection with applying to AYY’s association register or later on, with the conditions still being met, by contacting the Organisation Sector.

The start-up grant is applied for using the same form as when applying to the Student Union’s register. Alternatively, an application can be delivered to the Organisation Sector at a later stage.

Training, advice and IT and other services

Each year, around November and December, AYY’s Organisation Sector organises association training for the associations operating within it. The association training is meant to help associations’ new operators get started and to go through everything that associations need for their basic operations. In addition to the basics, topics like financial management are covered in more detail.

In addition to association training, the Student Union occasionally organises other types of training on current matters, as well as meetings for association Chairs. These will be announced in the association newsletter.


Advice on association-related matters
AYY’s Organisational Affairs and Communications Specialist can advise associations on everything connected to association operations. The most common advice requests are regarding rule amendments and various administrative questions. Remember to read the FAQ and search the guide before contacting the Specialist. In advisory matters, you can contact the Organisation Sector.
Association newsletter
The association newsletter is published each Friday during academic terms. The association newsletter is aimed at associations operating within AYY and their active operators. All important matters within the Student Union that relate to associations are announced in the newsletter. In April each year, after the submission of association notices has closed, all contact addresses provided by the associations are added onto the mailing list.

You can subscribe anytime to get the newsletter into your personal email, or you can follow it on the AYY website. More detailed information on the contents of the newsletter, as well as the latest newsletters, can be found here.

IT services
The Student Union offers associations operating within it versatile IT services from mailing lists to website platforms. Read more from the IT services home page.
PO box
Associations operating within the Student Union have the opportunity to get a PO box at AYY’s Central office. The PO boxes are located in the second-floor lobby of the Central office. The PO boxes also make postal deliveries between associations easier, for example, when delivering invitations.
Archive services
The Student Union’s archive offers associations storage space, supplies and advice on archiving. Archiving is meant to give future operators a vivid idea of the association’s operations. It is advisable to archive all self-produced materials relating to the association’s operations as well as other materials that might interest the next generations, all marked appropriately. Tips for limiting your archiving can be found, for example, on the Yhdistystoimijat website (in Finnish). Don’t be afraid to ask for some tips and contact arkisto(a)ayy.fi.

Benefits of special status associations

Board angel
A special status association is appointed a Board angel from the Student Union Board who acts as a link between the association and the Student Union Board.
Collective Committees and Council of Special Status Associations
If it wants, a special status association can send representatives to the committees offered by the Student Union and to other cooperation organs such as the Council consisting of special status association Chairs, for example.
Collection of membership fee in connection with annual enrolment
If it wants, a special status association can collect the association’s membership fee in connection with the University’s annual enrolment.
Priority in advance bookings of facilities
Special status associations get first access to the advance bookings of the van and rentable facilities taking place twice a year.