For event organizers

Welcome to AYY’s page for event organizers. Here you’ll find an extensive event organizer guide, which is especially useful for larger events.

Tapahtumajärjestäjän opas

The English translation for this section is coming shortly! In the meantime, you can contact the Organisation Sector with any questions.

Where can I get a space for my event?

How do I get visibility and attendees to my event?

AYY Events is a Facebook group hosted by the Aalto University Student Union. Use the channel to promote your non-commercial event for Aalto students. Any member of AYY and the associations that operate in the vicinity of it can promote their events there. The channel is moderated by the cultural sector of the Student Union, which you can reach at culture (a)

However, be sure to report your events to AYY’s official event calendar as events will not be automatically updated there from the Facebook group. You can add events by logging in with your association’s account.

You can send an announcement to other associations operating in the vicinity of AYY: you can also write in the weekly bulletin to AYY members:

How do I get money for my unique event in addition to the entrance fees? (only in Finnish)